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OnePlus gadgets have historically had much less bloatware than different gadgets, however they nonetheless have lots of preinstalled apps. While maximum of those apps are helpful, you can need to uninstall those OnePlus apps in case you need a Google-loose environment, as OnePlus telephones include maximum of Google`s apps preinstalled.

Depending on which OnePlus telecellsmartphone you have, the preinstalled apps can also additionally vary. We used the newly introduced OnePlus eleven here, however you may use this manual as a reference when you have an older model.

If an app shows "Disable" rather of "Uninstall," meaning the app can't be absolutely eliminated from the tool. However, disabling it eliminates the icon out of your app drawer and deletes maximum of its data.

To re-permit a disabled app, head in your Apps web page for your OnePlus telecellsmartphone's Settings app. Find the disabled app and faucet Enable to reinstall any important files.What preinstalled apps can I uninstall on my OnePlus telecellsmartphone?

Most of the preinstalled apps on OnePlus telephones are Google apps, that are smooth to uninstall and replace. However, you want to discover a workaround in case you uninstall the Play Store app to locate new apps.

Some apps indexed underneath can also additionally handiest be disabled, however maximum may be eliminated absolutely out of your tool. Other apps now no longer in this listing also can be disabled or uninstalled, however casting off those apps can also additionally purpose your tool to paintings incorrectly.

This manual will paintings irrespective of your OnePlus tool. However, you can locate fewer apps hooked up on older OnePlus telephones because the OS has emerge as barely bloated in latest years.

The OnePlus eleven released with the state-of-the-art OxygenOS model and as much as 5 years of protection patches. Clearing out the preinstalled apps and the usage of your very own can provide you with the most up to date OnePlus revel in in years.

There are lots of options to the Google Play Store, so do not worry in case you're seeking to attain a Google-loose environment.


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