Galaxy S23 Ultra Users Report Having No Internet on a WiFI Connection


Whenever a new smartphone drops in the market, there are bound to be bugs that show up with daily usage of those devices. The Samsung Galaxy S23 series is no exception, with the device making the news for a few bugs and a screen issue reported by users. Recently, several Galaxy S23 Ultra owners reported that their units have no internet when their WiFi is connected.

According to numerous threads on Reddit and Samsung Community forums, the Galaxy S23 Ultra appears to have WiFi connectivity issues. The phone connects to WiFi but without internet access. Even when connected, the connection doesn’t last long. Most users have confirmed that this issue only occurs on the Galaxy S23 Ultra and not on other devices in their homes.

One Reddit user, an IT professional, reported experiencing the “connected but no Internet” issue daily since the purchase of the device earlier this February. Despite trying all the fixes and workarounds, the issue persisted on his phone while his wife’s S23 Ultra remained unaffected.

Upon swapping to his old WiFi 5 router, the issue disappeared. Several other users have also found success in disabling WiFi 6 and encryption protocol WPA3 or performing a factory reset. One user even suggested disabling the random MAC address and switching to the default phone MAC address. 

Although Samsung is aware of the issue and reportedly working on a fix, the next update may not arrive before the return window for the device expires. As a result, affected users may need to rely on mobile data until the issue is resolved,

which will definitely bother a fair amount of users. It’s unclear how many units are affected by this issue, but reports indicate that the number is definitely not small, with some users experiencing the problem on multiple units.

While it’s not unusual for new phones to have bugs, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is unlikely to be derailed as one of the top phones of the year. Even so, Samsung must address this issue promptly to ensure customer satisfaction.


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